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    Bill Liedlich

    You state "The referrer gets an incentive to refer others" but don't cover that part in your article. How do I provide an incentive?

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    Dale Aychman

    We would really like to use the Tell a Friend feature, as it is a great concept, but unfortunately the usability design *after* completing the pop-up is poorly designed and does leave a quality user experience.

    After submitting the pop-up form to share with a friend, the user is redirected to a safety disclaimer page void of any styling and with SparkPay branding, giving the user the impression they have left the store website. The user must press the back button to return to the store. (This could be easily rectified with an "open in new window" command, but dev is unwilling to make any updates to this feature.)

    In addition, we are unable to find a merge code to pass the comments entered on the form, and ##EMAILPAGELINK##, the merge code to pass the product page URL to the Tell A Friend email template, does not work. (If anyone has found merge codes that work successfully, please share.)

    Having the ability to pass the Product Image and short description with the URL would add legitimacy, as users are wary of receiving emails with instructions to click on a URL.

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    AmeriCommerce Developer


    I would like to help you get the Tell a Friend feature working to your specifications as much as possible; I went ahead and created you a new support ticket so that we can discuss it in-depth. A support agent will be reaching out to you shortly.

    SPOS Support

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    AmeriCommerce Developer

    Hello All,

    I'll be re-writing the article from the ground up soon, but in the mean time, here's a fix for the confirmation page not loading inside the tell a friend modal: Go to themes > edit theme > theme files > js, and edit the theme.js file. Locate the following peace of code:

    if (!dontEscape)

    and replace it with:

    if (!dontEscape && !document.location.pathname.endsWith("TellAFriend.aspx"))

    This will keep the confirmation page inside the modal. I've sent this issue to the development team so that that our base theme files can be updated, but if anyone is on an older theme, they'll still need to make the change above.

    Additionally, the merge codes to use in the tell a friend email template are: ##PAGEURL## and ##COMMENT##.

    SPOS Support

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