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    Blake Petersen

    We're working on a Single Sign On function and wanted to know if we could re-purpose this to direct to the user to specific page after logging in via the return attribute. Like, posting to the login.aspx instead of addtocart.aspx. 

    We currently have the script set to grab the Customer SSO Key and redirect the user to that page but, unfortunately, this takes the user to the shopping cart details page, as opposed to the page where they signed in. We are looking for a way to log the user in but then redirect them back to the origin page.


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    Placeholder Support #5

    Unfortunately, this would not work by posting any values to the login.aspx page. However, the login page does have support for the 'r' parameter in the querystring. The r parameter is used to direct a customer to a certain page after they submit the form on the page, in this case the login form. If you direct your customers to login.aspx?r=%2fstore%2fDefault.aspx it will redirect them to the home page after they log in. The value for the parameter can be changed to a relative or absolute path. (Note, you will want to encode the path for use in the url such as in the example I gave. This way /store/Default.aspx becomes %2fstore%2fDefault.aspx)

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