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    Charles Eidschun

    "The timed follow-up for an order is triggered - When a timed follow-up is triggered, the engine checks to see if the conditions are true."

    How do we know what the "follow up" time for an order is? Is this a configurable number of time after an order is placed, or is it a hard-coded specific amount of time after an order is placed? If it is hard-coded, what is the time frame?

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    Marvin Hankins

    I asked that same question and here's the answer I got:

    (08:10:15 PM) Mike Burns: That means "Check for the following conditions, every 15 minutes"
    (08:10:33 PM) Mike Burns: I think thats poorly worded but I just let a developer know. They want to add a help bubble there soon.
    (08:10:44 PM) Marvin Hankins: OK
    (08:10:49 PM) Marvin Hankins: lemme look at it
    (08:12:58 PM) Marvin Hankins: OK so it will check the conditions every 15 minutes?
    (08:15:59 PM) Mike Burns: Right, but it checks them all every 15 minutes. So if the condition is, "Order is Shipped" and the action is "Send email A" then it sends the email every 15 minutes because the condition is always checked.
    (08:16:10 PM) Mike Burns: So if you use it be sure to set something that breaks the loop.
    (08:16:25 PM) Mike Burns: Like send email and change the status so it no longer meets the conditions.
    (08:16:42 PM) Marvin Hankins: So "Email Template Not Sent To Customer Yet"
    (08:17:05 PM) Marvin Hankins: As a condition to send
    (08:17:17 PM) Marvin Hankins: Send only if not sent yet
    (08:20:04 PM) Mike Burns: Right, but its checking the orders themselves not the customer record. So it likely won't see that. Hence the niche case.

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